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Many people find that they struggle to make a good living at being a Loan Officer.  In other words there is A LOT of road kill in our industry. Many times the blame comes on sales managers and owners who either A: Don't have the energy to train new Loan Officers properly or B: Hire them in mass and throw them onto their sales floor hoping a few survive to make them money.

This web site is designed with YOU the loan officer who is struggling to do 1 or 2 deals a month while trying to figure out the golden key to this business. There are many many sales trainers out there who are willing to sell you products that can run you up to $1,500.  We have purchased many of the major name brand courses out there and have compiled those things that have worked in business and also what We've learned off LO's who consistently do 8+ deals a month and who make more than $10,000.00 every 30 days.

As a gift to the rest of the world we are sharing these sales secrets with you for free.  While we could charge new LO's a lot of money for this, we feel that there is enough business out there that we can sell side by side and not even touch each others pipeline.

While the knowledge given here is free, it isn't cheap. It's freeware training and we hope you enjoy it.

So good luck on your new start as a sales professional in our industry. People say the refinance market is going die. This is only true if you focus on one part of the industry: Prime Paper and Rate/Term refinances. American's do not change their spending habits. They need us to bail them out on a regular basis. While the lousy LO's who buy leads and kill their monthly profit may perish, you will be fine and dandy when you cash your monthly commission checks with a high net profit margin.

Happy Hunting,

~ The Loan Officer Survival Team